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Active Instrument Services
Kaye Validator AVS - Advanced Validation System

The Kaye Validator AVS offers easy dedicated and reliable validation. The AVS is efficient, and easy to operate - allowing you to focus on the validation, not the technology. The Validator AVS combines high accuracy measurements, automated sensor calibration, intuitive metro style user interface, and extensive reporting to simplify the complete validation process.

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Active Instrument Services
Kaye LabWatch LT

Easy to install and simple to configure: real-time monitoring of your critical environment conditions' wirelessly and reliably.

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Active Instrument Services
Kaye ValProbe Cryo Temperature Logger

With thin and flexible sensor, for extended temperature range from -85°C to +140°C. The Logger provides a single solution for a variety of applications such as Cryogenic Chambers, Lyophilizers, ultra-low freezers and other deep and high temperature applications.

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Active Instrument Services
Kaye ValProbe Freeze Dryer Logger

The new X2534 ValProbe® logger optimizes your lyophilization processes.

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Check out methods for Measuring Shelf Temperature Uniformity in a Lyophilizer by Timothy Dutill and Wendy Sunderland; LYPHILIZATION TECHNOLOGY Inc. Read Article

Active Instrument Services
Kaye LTR-90 Ultra-Cool Block Calibrator

Learn more on how the new X0395 Kaye LTR-90, designed for portability and ease of operation from -95°C to +140°C, optimizes your cryogenic calibration processes.

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